I am reading a book called ”The Book of Books” by H.I Hester. He said this about the Hebrew’s as they began their Exodus from Egypt on their wilderness journey.  “This failure to exercise faith, when for every reason they (Hebrews) should have trusted God, who had so often delivered them in their need, was a grievous sin which must be PUNISHED.  The plaque instantly killed the ten unfaithful spies. The people were to wander in the wilderness forty years. Except for Joshua and Caleb, every one of that generation (above twenty years of age) was to die before the nation finally came into the Promised Land. It should have been said in this connection that the Exodus should have been completed within at least two years; the forty wandering years’ was NOT A PART OF THE ORIGINAL PLAN, BUT WAS PUNISHMENT FOR THE SIN OF FAITHLESSNESS.”

  Mr. Hester hit the nail on the head when he said “sin must be punished.” Any human being knows the difference between right and wrong.  Lets reason this out together. You know that you cannot steal from a department store right? Why? Because there are laws that say if you steal you will pay a penalty. Man established a law saying that if you steal from a department store you will be punished.  So, in short if, you steal you go to jail. As I speak countless are in a department store somewhere putting items in their pockets with the intent on walking out the front doors without paying for those items. They are willing to take a chance on stealing. They know that there are strenuous laws forbidding anyone from stealing from the store but alas they break the law. What happens when they get CAUGHT? They will go to jail.

 As the Israelites left Egypt they decided that they wanted to be “God’s people.” They were excited about being “God’s people” In less than three weeks they became disgruntled and questioned Moses and especially God. They had forgotten that NOW they were accountable to God for their actions. When one of God’s children goes against Him they must be held accountable to God. We know that God does not tolerate sin in our lives but we keep on sinning. We think that God will not do one thing to us because the fear of Him has diminished. Morals lapse, faithfulness fades, and respect and love of God disappears. Sounds like the “WILDERNESS EXPERIENCE” doesn’t it?  May I remind everyone that if God PUNISHED those in the wilderness for their willful sinning against Him do you not think that He will do the same today? GOD STILL PUNISHES SIN. 

I heard a woman clergy say just last week that she was going to “make it her life adventure to MAKE the Bible up to date.” She wanted the Bible to fit todays society because the Bible was full of bigotry and exclusions. When she finishes her “adventure” what she doesn’t realize is that the Word she changed will one day judge her. She will be punished for what she does to God’s Word. We will never get by from sinning against God. Selah.