During 1898, a place of worship called Pine Grove Baptist Church was established.  The church was aptly named because it was built amid a grove of pine trees.  Written records begin with the formal organization of the church in 1900.  The Articles of Faith and the Church Covenant were adopted in April 1900.  There were thirty-four charter members in 1900.  The church soon united with the Blue Ridge Baptist Association.

In those early years services were held monthly as the pastor usually pastured other churches.  Some months the meetings were canceled due to inclement weather or sickness.  Despite inconveniences the church grew.

The first Sunday school was organized in December 1903 and began in January 1904.  The congregation soon demonstrated a concern for missions and helping others.  The first box of goods for the Baptist Orphanage in Salem, Virginia was prepared in December 1903.  By 1910 money was being sent to various boards:  Home Missions, State Missions, Foreign Missions, and the Minister’s Relief.

The early church building, like most in that era, was a small, white clapboard structure.  A stove provided heat on cold days, and kerosene lamps provided light.  An organ was purchased in 1922.  The church building remained basically unchanged for fifty years until two new Sunday School rooms and a pulpit stage were built.  Many building projects occurred over the years since, including bricking the building, enlarging the sanctuary, and adding a new building to house a large fellowship hall and new Sunday School classrooms.

Through the years several men from the church have either been licensed or ordained to preach the Gospel.  In addition to those who have been called to full time ministry, many members have served on short term volunteer mission trips in the United States and across the globe to fulfill our Lord’s command to go into the world and teach.

We thank God for the dedicated men and women who labored so faithfully in the past.  We thank God that He placed it in the hearts of men and women to begin a work here at Pine Grove.  We are daily challenged to continue to be faithful to God and to carry out His work of love.